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412 Food Rescue Inc.

Food Rescue Hero

To end food waste. End hunger. And fight climate change.

Food Rescue Hero is a people-powered technology platform that effectively redirects surplus food from landfills and redirects it to feed people. The app alerts volunteer drivers about surplus food nearby and guides each donation pick up and delivery every step of the way. Since 2016, Food Rescue Hero has empowered 49,000 volunteer drivers to redirect more than 137 million pounds of perfectly good food from the waste stream to those who need it. Food Rescue Hero, based in Pittsburgh, measurably impacts food insecurity with 15 partner organizations across North America. In support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12, and 13, its goal is to scale food recovery in 100 cities by 2030.

African Women Rising

African Women Rising

To provide self-sustaining solutions that give hope and change lives.

War destroys physical assets, the ability to earn an income, and the capacity to save money. AWR's Microfinance, Agriculture, Adult Literacy, and Girls' Education programs strengthen and accelerate existing development solutions. Making catalytic yet simple inputs to ensure that these initiatives work better and faster to empower women and families to rise out of poverty sustainably. Starting from scratch means a long road to financial security. Participants who complete the full graduation model have more significant change and higher ambitions.

America Needs You


To address the key phases of career development for first-gen college students.

FirstGenU is an online learning platform to help first-gen students prepare for and navigate their careers. In partnership with the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion, FirstGenU Career Institute is an online platform offering an asynchronous curriculum rooted in the National Association of Colleges and Employers competencies. Focusing on three critical phases of career development: Getting Your First Job, Developing Leadership Skills, and Planning a Meaningful Career, each phase contains five courses containing 3-6 lessons adapted from our award-winning Fellows Program curriculum.

Animal Rescue League of Boston

Wellness Waggin'

To prevent animals being surrendered to shelters due to cost of care. Keeping pets healthy and with the people who love them.

The Wellness Waggin’ is a mobile veterinary clinic that provides low-cost wellness exams for owned pets. The program operates at four sites hosted by our partner, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), a human service organization that assists people experiencing poverty. The Wellness Waggin’ aims to serve people and animals who may not otherwise have access to a veterinarian due to location, cost, inflexible work schedules, limited/low English proficiency, or other factors. We also hope to provide animals with preventative care to improve their health and decrease the need for emergency care (which could lead to surrender or euthanasia).


Girls Maker Night

To provide dedicated time for self-identifying girls, trans, and non-binary students in grades 5-9 to explore STEAM topics.

Each week, self-identifying girls, trans, and non-binary students explore the dynamic world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through hands-on activities and dream of creative inventions together. Assemble Afterschool sessions are free and include special visits from local artists, makers, and technologists who share their passion and talents with the group.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

BIG Futures

To create a path to economic empowerment for all young people, through career readiness training and mentorship.

BIG Futures is a college and career readiness initiative designed to equip young people for post-secondary success through mentorship, education, and access to key opportunities. This nationwide movement comprises a network of programs delivered by 122 local BBBS agencies to help empower every kid on the path to graduation—with a plan for their future and mentorship opportunities with lifelong impact. It provides young people with life skills by engaging them in resume writing, mock interviews, career panels, college visits, workplace visits, job shadowing, and aptitude exploration. Many BIG Futures participants can access scholarship and internship opportunities through innovative corporate partnerships.

Biokind Analytics

Biokind Analytics

To use data science as a tool for good, creating a positive impact on societies across the country.

Biokind's data analysis program comprises eight chapter institutions, including Rice University, Brown University, University of Virginia, and Emory University. We have 15 non-profit partnering organizations, including Make-A-Wish, ALS Association, OneStar Foundation, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). We've analyzed combined funds of more than 100 million dollars to date. We are also training ten more chapters, including Duke University, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, New York University, and the University of California Los Angeles. These institutions will begin their chapter this summer after their 4-month long training.

Black Girl Ventures

Spotlight: Celebrating and Lifting Up Black and Brown Women Entrepreneurs

To expand economic mobility for our founders by doubling program capacity and eliminating cost barriers.

The BGV Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program trains and deploys teams of founders into BGV Communities (five cities in 2023). The program is a unique 12-week leadership development intensive explicitly created to extend the capacity of early to mid-stage entrepreneurs. We champion rising leaders to develop access to community, capital, and capacity building in their markets. Community leadership teams will connect with up to 600 founders during the program, conduct several ecosystem-building events, and hold a community-wide Pitch competition. We support our Leaders by offering them several resources for free (Uber Eats cards, Canva, Masterclass, Skillshare). All Emerging Leaders received a $10,000 stipend.


Strengthening African Organizations for Lasting Missional Impact

To end health disparities across the globe with safe, sustainable drinking water.

Blood:Water finds, vets, and partners with community-led organizations in East and Southern Africa. We commit to 8 years of funding (four 2-year cycles) and utilize the IDF (Institutional Development Framework) assessment used by civil society organizations globally for over 20 years to guide our organizational strengthening (OS) activities. Our partners visualize critical organizational needs, and we fund them with a flexible grant earmarked for capacity building and programming funding. Through strategic monitoring, evaluation, and learning, we successfully elevate the capacities of local teams and leadership, organizations’ financial health, community representation in decision-making and solutions implemented, and overall program quality.



To equip young adults with the job and financial security necessary to achieve housing security.

Breaktime’s core initiative is a three-part supported transitional employment program that utilizes partnerships to empower young adults experiencing homelessness. Our program begins with Launchpad, a three-week stipend-paid period focused on our Associates’ professional development, financial empowerment, and personal growth. In Liftoff, associates gain 13 weeks of employment experience and leave lasting impacts on their communities. They receive continued support from Breaktime while working 20-30 hours weekly. At the end of Liftoff, they may get hired by their host site and/or move on to their next professional educational endeavor. Stable Orbit, the final part of Breaktime’s model, encourages continued involvement with Breaktime beyond Launchpad and Liftoff for three years.

Brooklyn Public Library

Books Unbanned

To provide teens nationwide access to contested books, and fight for their right to read freely.

Across the country, books for young adult readers are being increasingly banned, restricted and politicized in local schools and libraries. In response, Brooklyn Public Library launched the Books Unbanned initiative in April 2022. Timed to coordinate with National Library Week, our educational programming and other initiatives help young people learn how to advocate for themselves, network with their peers and fight for their right to read. BPL's national teen eCard gives young people between the ages of 13-21 from across the United States and its territories access to half a million eBooks and audiobooks in the library's digital collection. Our anti-censorship campaign also draws widespread attention to the increasingly fraught issue of intellectual freedom nationwide.

Charity Navigator

Where to Give Now Lists For Disaster and Crisis Philanthropy

To source reliable, highly-rated charities working on crisis relief so donors can easily give.

Charity Navigator empowers donors to give during crises by utilizing its free, reliable charity ratings and closely monitoring world events to curate lists of highly-rated organizations responding to current crises. Donors know their dollars are making an impact because the organizations chosen are financially transparent and efficient. These free resources create a cycle of empowered, informed giving, increasing society’s social net when disaster strikes.

College of Adaptive Arts

College of Adaptive Arts

To provide lifelong collegiate education to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CAA offers collegiate education, spanning ten different schools of study, to adults with special needs who have historically been excluded from higher education opportunities. There are no age limits, and students are encouraged to re-enroll to continue learning as long as they want. The school also creates new job opportunities for disabled adults within the organization by hiring for positions such as Associate Professor and Teaching Aide from its pool of students.

Concern Worldwide US

Lifesaving Education and Assistance to Farmers (LEAF)

To improve food and nutrition security for farming communities in Tana River County, Kenya, through climate-smart agriculture

The LEAF program involves a two-pronged approach. First, improving food security by educating farmers on climate-smart technologies and providing inputs such as drought-tolerant seeds, water pumping sets, tractors, and increased access to irrigation canals. Second, addressing immediate nutrition or acute malnutrition needs through Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) services and community outreach.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Intervention and Mental Health Support Via Text

To foster human connection with a scalable, high-quality and low-cost solution that meets people where they are.

We provide free, 24/7, high-quality, confidential mental health and crisis intervention via text, web chat, and WhatsApp in English and Spanish. Texters send a message to 741741 to connect to a volunteer Crisis Counselor, who receives 30 hours of comprehensive training that includes de-escalation techniques, active listening, collaborative problem-solving, and safety planning. We use machine learning and data analytics to triage conversations in order of severity, not time. All conversations are overseen in real-time by clinically trained supervisors with degrees in mental health-related fields who provide additional support when necessary. Conversations end when the texter is empowered to identify and use their coping mechanisms—and is in a cool, safe place.

Days for Girls International

Menstrual Health Teacher Training, Education and Products in Cambodia

To strengthen menstrual health environments through access to education, menstrual products and increased advocacy.

Days for Girls is working with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) to eliminate gaps in Cambodia's menstrual health (MH) education. The project aims to increase access to timely, culturally appropriate MH and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education among students. We equip teachers with the training they need to teach students comprehensive MH and SRH education; and provide washable, locally produced DfG menstrual pad Kits (DfG Kits) to meet students' MH management needs. Following the success of a pilot project in 2022, our objectives for 2023-2025 are to equip 600 teachers with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver MH education to 15,000 Grade 5 and 8 students across 4-6 provinces and to provide DfG Kits to all female program participants.

Dion's Chicago Dream

Dream Deliveries

To bring food security with dignity to Chicago residents by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables every week.

Dream Deliveries, our flagship program, offers fresh produce to the doorstep of the food-insecure Chicagoland residents it serves. Our direct-to-consumer fresh produce service provides families with five days’ worth of healthy food options at no cost. Our customers help us choose what fruits and vegetables are in the boxes. We combine our commitment to care with a state-of-the-art logistics operation that allows us to hit as many households as possible in each delivery run. We hire from the community, and we own our vehicles. The program was developed in 2020 by Dion Dawson, a Navy veteran who grew up in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and experienced food insecurity. He channeled his experience to create a better solution to the problem.

EastWest Food Rescue

EastWest Food Rescue

To combat complex food system challenges with innovative solutions.

Born out of the pandemic in May 2020, EastWest Food Rescue addresses the broken link between the excess supply of fresh farm food due to curtailed institutional demand and the explosion in food insecurity due to the pandemic-driven recession. Since its inception, EastWest Food Rescue has acquired, rescued and moved over 58 million pounds of food to over 700 food agencies in 19 states, providing over 46.4 million meals to 2.5 million individuals. Today, EWFR focuses primarily on our farm food acquisition in Washington. We work to access surplus or seconds, high-quality farm produce, thus further reducing food waste.

Envision Your Pathway

Envision Your Pathway - Visionaries

To develop the next generation of leaders with curricula and connections.

EYP takes an innovative approach to youth life skills development with opportunities for differentiation, engagement, and scaffolding. Our program meets Opportunity Youth (ages 15-24), accelerating them toward economic mobility and self-determination. This approach includes 1) a series of core workshops focusing on introducing dynamic skills and 2) supplemental enrichment workshops to practice healthy behaviors, build positive habits, and flex them until they become mindsets. The final approach is a capstone project, where youth collaborate to research, design, and implement a civic engagement project focused on Education, Equity, or Thriving Communities.

Everyone for Veterans

No-Cost Comprehensive Dental Care Program

To improve and transform the lives of our nation's veterans who have suffered from poor health for too long.

Everyone for Veterans collaborates with civilians and professionals to provide free comprehensive dental care and other services to veterans and their families nationwide. We recruit dental professionals to provide pro-bono dental services in the communities where the veterans live. Our veterans often spend a lifetime at low-cost dental clinics but never accomplish a healthy dental state. E4V's comprehensive care model not only resolves current dental issues but sets them up for long-term oral and overall health, breaking the cycle of perpetual urgent care.

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children

To eliminate child malnutrition worldwide while providing meaningful service opportunities for volunteers in the United States.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) knows that adequate nutrition can change a child's life. Developed by food science and nutrition professionals to assist in preventing and reversing undernutrition, FMSC MannaPack® meals supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition. FMSC's distribution model ensures that food has the best chance of reaching the children who need it most by collaborating with a network of partner organizations that stay with communities for the long haul, empowering them to move from relief to development.

Fighting Pretty

Strength & Beauty

To partner with hospitals, cancer centers and support organizations providing care packages to women in active cancer treatment.

Beginning during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fighting Pretty began partnering with hospitals, treatment centers, and cancer support organizations across the country to provide Strength & Beauty Kits to women in active cancer treatment. Each kit contains a pair of our signature mini-boxing gloves, clean, toxin-free lipstick, and a card with information on connecting further with Fighting Pretty.

Fistula Foundation

Fistula Foundation

To ensure that every woman has access to quality health care that will eliminate the needless suffering caused by fistula.

The only cure for fistula is surgery. We employ a dual approach to reach as many women as possible with healing care:
1) We partner directly with in-country hospitals and providers who understand how best to serve women in their communities. Along with funding fistula repair surgery, we help build the human and physical infrastructure for expanding fistula care.
2) We create and operate integrated, comprehensive Fistula Foundation Treatment Networks (FFTNs) to eliminate suffering on a national level, increasing access to timely, quality fistula treatment and comprehensive post-operative care. Each FFTN achieves this goal by deepening collaboration between local service partners to form a network that shares responsibility for caring for women with fistula across the country.

For the Good

Primary School Enrollment

To identify out-of-school girls in regions of high need, enroll them in school, and ensure they can safely stay there.

Our innovative intern program leverages local knowledge and relationships while creating opportunities for local women and providing vital role models to Maasai girls and families. We train female secondary school graduates in research, outreach, and facilitation skills. They use these skills to identify out-of-school children and the hyperlocal barriers keeping them from primary school, then work with their parents to enroll them into classrooms and ensure they can stay there. In exchange for their service, these interns gain invaluable professional skills and a post-secondary education paid for by our organization.

Friends of San Quentin News

Friends of San Quentin News

To transform the stereotypes of the incarcerated by highlighting their humanity and voices in our democracy.

The San Quentin Media Center provides professional development and multimedia training to incarcerated men and women. They manage their own platforms: newspaper, podcast, video productions and internal broadcasting. They are empowered to share stories about their communities, lives and growth. They participate in the democratic process by informing the public about the impact of incarceration, the consequences of bad choices and the realities of prison conditions.

Gravity Water

Gravity Water Systems

To turn rain into safe water for schools in last-mile communities through a simple, yet innovative, approach.

Gravity Water works with schools in rural communities lacking safe water access. The organization's technology combines rainwater harvesting, elevated storage, and gravity-fed filtration, providing schools with a source of safe water they can rely on throughout the future. In addition to providing safe drinking water, Gravity Water's technology allows schools to run entirely off rain, increasing the school's climate resilience and water security. Gravity Water's systems are built by local community members using local materials and skill sets, ensuring every project enables community empowerment and is resilient to failure over time.

Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine In A Box

To improve academic performance and build healthy habits.

Green Bronx Machine In A Box packages everything that GBM does so well—nutrition education, inter-generational programming, the art and science of growing fresh and delicious vegetables, engaging hands-on classroom activities, and the teaching tools and technology to make it all happen—into a one-stop-shop for schools looking to boost their academic performance and grow something greater. We have made Green Bronx Machine's best-in-class offerings more accessible than ever and packaged them with a perfect collection of classroom materials and accessories to help teachers and students make epic happen.

Hope for Haiti

Economic, Social, and Humanitarian Relief in Haiti

To provide critical development and humanitarian assistance to more than 1M of the most vulnerable people in southern Haiti.

Even with the challenges in Haiti, our team has found ways to modify our work, support partners, and navigate periods of natural disasters, civil unrest and extreme fuel shortages to help provide relief and development assistance. The core work in this program focuses on:
Capacity building for education, health, and agriculture sectors through training and resource allocation.
Construction of schools, healthcare facilities, sanitation facilities, and computer labs.
Expanding food security through agricultural investments, food distribution, and digital cash transfers to vulnerable families.
Improving access to water, sanitation, and hygiene by providing home water filters and health education to school children and community health leaders.

Hope For Ukraine

Family Support Program

To end hunger in Ukraine.

Since the full-scale war started on 02/24/22, our primary focus has been to make sure every family in Ukraine has food on their table. Over 1500 families receive food kits from us each week to feed a family of four for 1-2 weeks. Over half a million families received food kits from HFU in 2022. By the latest estimates, we provided over 50 million meals in Ukraine in 2022.

HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh

HOPE Field Hospital, A Safe Haven for Women and Children Living in the Rohingya Refugee Camps

To respond to the devastating refugee crisis by providing healthcare to refugees—including emergency obstetric care.

In 2018, HOPE Foundation established the HOPE Field Hospital for Women, which delivers on-site free-of-cost lifesaving and essential medical care for refugee women and children—including surrounding communities of the Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh. It is considered a SAFE haven, a true miracle, that saves lives every day, primarily through its 24/7 obstetric emergency services. This hospital is the only one open 24/7 to attend obstetric medical emergencies such as c-sections in the refugee camps, where about 1 million people live in very poor and challenging conditions.

Immigrant Families Together

Border Support

To provide material support for asylum seeking families via volunteers and partners at the U.S.-Mexico border.

This specific program involves leveraging corporate partners such as Hello Bello and BOMBAS to use companies' overstock or still-usable but about-to-expire goods to fulfill the needs of asylum-seeking families at the border. Through this program, we've provided thousands of pounds of diapers and wipes, hand sanitizer, socks and other items to asylum-seeking families to improve their comfort and stability as they await processing into the United States.

Learn Fresh

Learn Fresh

To create a world in which students find learning so engaging they want to do it all the time.

Learn Fresh is a transformative nonprofit that empowers educators with innovative STEM and social-emotional learning experiences built around sports and entertainment. Students who engage with our programs discover a new way of learning that is fun, highly engaging, and results in academic and social-emotional growth. To deliver our programming, we partner with professional sports organizations to create an authentic and immersive experience. Our flagship program, NBA Math Hoops, develops students’ algebra readiness before entering high school, strengthening important skills—including self-regulation and executive function. Our programming has engaged over 700,000 students across the US and beyond.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Dare To Dream Project

To transform treatment & care for kids with blood cancer. Enabling children with blood cancer to not only survive but thrive.

The Dare to Dream Project is a bold, comprehensive initiative to accelerate a fundamental change in the standard of treatment and care for pediatric blood cancer patients by developing precision medicine therapies and innovating new and improved educational and support services for patient families. Enabling children to not only survive but live long, healthy and productive lives. The initiative encompasses all three pillars of the LLS mission: Research, Patient Support, and Policy & Advocacy.

Little Light House

Little Light House

To glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and communities.

Little Light House is a Christian developmental center for children ages 0-6 with special needs. Students attend classes from 8:30 am-1:00 pm Monday-Thursday, completely tuition free. Students are taught a bible based curriculum under a transdisciplinary program. In each classroom, our students have a special education teacher, two associates, and a therapy team of speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, vision and mobility specialists, and assistive technology specialists. Our children's services staff work together to help the child, making Little Light House a completely state-of-the-art facility.


Project Jacob

To establish safe, sustainable water access and hold community health training with native teams.

MERCY PARTNERS strives to create unimpeded safe, sustainable water access by utilizing native drill teams who assemble and hold Mercy Outreaches and community health training. Safe water access allows the community to care for the well long after the crew leaves the region. Site surveys incorporate community health outreach. The community that hosts the well is responsible for assuring all have unimpeded access, regardless of skin color or tribe. The aquifer level calculates the bore depth of wells during the dry season to supply even the most remote locations.

Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Advocacy Services

To provide support to violent crime survivors with mental health, legal and financial services.

All NVRDC advocates train as sexual assault advocates under DC law—including our sexual assault crisis response advocacy, which meets survivors at MedStar Washington Hospital Center or anywhere throughout the DC community. NVRDC advocates also support survivors or surviving family members of any crime. NVRDC advocacy staff assess new clients' short-term physical, mental health and personal needs and strive to meet those needs with direct services or targeted network referrals. NVRDC's unique ongoing advocacy model aims to provide victims of crime with a point of contact during their recovery process. Similar programs often only provide short-term assistance.

No Lost Food

No Lost Food

To save food and reduce hunger.

"No Lost Food aims to rescue high-risk food before it's discarded. Diverting it from landfills where it would generate harmful methane gas. Our goal is to help democratize access to fresh, nutritious food for those who would otherwise struggle to find it through the following strategies:
Targeting food that can't be stored at a food bank, such as perishable items, items near or past their ""best by"" dates, and prepared foods.

Offering pick-up services so that items can be quickly ""rescued"" and redistributed to recipients while food is still fit for consumption.

Composting unfit food (whenever possible) to divert waste from municipal landfills.

Emphasizing educational outreach to inform community members about food waste and food insecurity."

Panorama Global

The Ascend Fund

To accelerate the pace of change toward gender parity in U.S. politics.

While women are 51% of the U.S. population, they still make up less than 30% of our country’s elected leaders—even accounting for recent and historic gains. When women run, they win—but the current pathway to elected office is often unclear, riddled with barriers and diversions, or inaccessible. The Ascend Fund invests in nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that break down barriers that prevent women from running for office and winning. The Ascend Fund also serves as a catalyst, fostering collaboration and coordinating strategy among our partners. Without additional investment, it could take more than 100 years to achieve gender parity in U.S. politics. Still, we are uniting the field to achieve 50% representation for women in all 50 states by 2050.

Pivotal Connections

Foster Youth Path to Self-Sufficiency

To create a community in which every young person in foster care gets the education, career, and life they want.

Pivotal works with foster youth as they navigate the critical years from high school to college and into the workforce. We combine educational support, coaching, and college scholarships with life-changing employment opportunities. We offer 1:1 high school coaching starting as early as the 9th grade through graduation. At the college level, we provide post-secondary coaching to help our scholars navigate the college experience. When youth fall behind or struggle academically, we offer private tutoring sessions to help them get back on track. We provide scholarships to college foster youth each year to help them offset living expenses while in school. In addition, we offer workshops and paid summer internships to help students build their professional skills and networks.

Play Smart Literacy

Play Smart Literacy (PSL)

To empower caregivers of young children with the knowledge & tools to engage in everyday literacy, language, and math activities.

PSL meets families where they are—in public spaces like laundromats, homeless shelters, and food pantries. Our trained PSL family leaders, volunteers, and student interns work with caregivers to raise awareness of the critical connection between talk, play, and child cognitive development. We register families with PSL and provide numerous tools and tips for engaging their children in everyday activities that promote literacy, language, and math skills: weekly play-themed texts and emails, access to interactive technology with science-based learning programs, 10-minute playdate activities, opportunities to engage with the PSL community on social media, invitations to PSL events with our many community partners, little neighborhood libraries, and weekly PSL newsletters.

Prospector Theater

Service Learning

To educate our participants on the impact of jobs, accessibility, and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Our Service Learning Program teaches students from Kindergarten through Ph.D. and businesses and organizations about our prospects, mission, and culture. Empathy, accessibility, and inclusion are the focus of our project, especially for people with disabilities. Prospects thrive on connecting with and cultivating meaningful relationships with our participants, teaching them the importance of competitive and inclusive employment. In addition, Service Learning creates a multitude of jobs for Prospects that make “sense and cents” - supporting the everyday operation of the Theater while driving revenue and/or saving expenses.

Ready for Reading

Books and Beyond Community Literacy

To break the cycle of illiteracy through an integrated multigenerational education program and elevate literacy to a community-wide goal.

The program aims to replace the cycle of poverty with the “cycle of literacy.” It puts all ages of the community at the center thru family literacy days, literacy events and outreach. Adult literacy curriculum reflects the social context and is relevant to people’s lives, motivating them to stay in class and graduate. Empowering them as agents of change for their families and communities. Reading Riders, storytellers on bikes, hold read-alouds, reading camps and special events in local schools, libraries and community centers. Both programs promote family storytelling while providing activities and strategies to support parents/caregivers in extending interactive literacy at home.

Refugee Women's Alliance

Domestic Violence Program

To increase the well-being of immigrant women by raising awareness of domestic violence and providing support to survivors.

ReWA’s Domestic Violence program is the only program designed with all immigrants and refugees in mind. With nearly one in four residents of King County being foreign-born, the culturally and linguistically-responsive services the DV Program offers are crucial. Our community needs culturally competent, trained providers to support survivors and their children as they seek safety and rebuild their lives. Together, DV Program staff speak 24 languages and dialects, the most of any domestic violence provider in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, ReWA’s Domestic Violence Program served 700 survivors worldwide, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and East Africa.


Global Access Program

To treat vision loss for people living on less than $2 per day by granting equitable access to vision services.

RestoringVision's (RV) Global Access Program (GAP) is our most extensive program, currently reaching 3M people annually, with a growth trajectory poised to reach 10M. Outside the US, the GAP helps individuals earning less than $2/day. Within the US, its footprint is smaller, serving people living at or below 300% of the federal poverty line and the underinsured. In 2023 it will reach 300K people in the US, including Indigenous Americans on reservations for the first time. We implement our GAP in collaboration with NGOs and government agency partners that provide health and humanitarian aid, strengthen health systems, and advance the UN’s SDG and global development agendas. GAP’s largest projects exist in poor communities across Latin America, Africa, and SE Asia.

Rising Tides Project

Rising Tides Project Fishing Club

To create a weekly FISHING CLUB experience for "LOW TIDE" youth centered around the power of nature, community, and support.

We believe in the power of social connectivity. Our FISHING CLUB connects youth participants with others experiencing similar mental health issues, peer Junior Fishing Guides, and adult mentors. Young people may not possess the coping skills to navigate LOW TIDE periods in their lives successfully. Our purpose is to ignite a passion and provide an outlet through fishing that they can lean into throughout the rest of their lives when suffering through the effects of mental health disorders (LOW TIDES). Our program removes obstacles and provides opportunities.

Six Seconds

POP-UP Festival

To brighten the lives of children while playfully building emotional intelligence and mental health wellbeing.

POP-UP Festival is an innovative solution for the childhood mental health and well-being crisis. It addresses several root causes of children's mental health issues, such as social isolation and adverse childhood experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic. POP-UP Festival is an activity fair where volunteers create hands-on learning stations using simple materials to teach about emotional intelligence. Volunteers choose from 60+ SDG-linked activities in the online library, adapt them to their community's local needs, and bring people together through playful learning experiences to increase emotional well-being. POP-UP Festival partners with UNICEF World Children's Day to support global youth well-being and children's rights.

Solar Sister

Pathway to Prosperity

To combat energy poverty, the climate crisis and gender inequality with a team of female entrepreneurs.

Solar Sister fights energy poverty across sub-Saharan Africa by recruiting, training, and supporting women entrepreneurs as they create clean energy distribution businesses. Solar Sister Entrepreneurs do more than sell clean energy products—they cultivate one another’s business expertise, reinvest profits to improve family health and education and engage in global advocacy on climate issues. We help women build confidence in their business abilities regardless of age, skill set, or life stage. Solar Sister’s Pathway to Prosperity empowers women to advance through each step of their entrepreneurial journey, ultimately enabling them to reach lifelong stability and prosperity.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

To inspire people through unforgettable, educational, and fun hands-on experiences that reconnect communities to their resources.

Plastic pollution inundates Hawaiʻi's beaches, reefs, and critical wildlife habitat. In response, SCH hosts the largest, most engaging cleanups with a deeper goal. We realize cleanups are a reactive solution to a symptom of more significant problems, and the true work is to inspire proactive solutions that communities can equitably unite around. Thus we have found ways to work across society, developing our hands-on (Re)Learning program in schools and globally online, working with businesses in our SustainEvents program to recategorize waste as a resource through innovative composting technology, and igniting behavior change by hosting large-scale cleanup festivals that aim to model zero-waste events in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. We are turning off the tap on plastic pollution.

TACT - Teaching the Autism Community Trades

Teaching the Autism Community Trades

To create a world where neurodiversity is embraced and valued. Where every individual can contribute their talents and gifts.

The Autism community is the highest unemployment sector in the US, currently at 90%. TACT’s programs lead to employable jobs and lasting careers that are personally fulfilling and suited to each individual’s strengths. We offer career tracks in carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, electrical and STEM. Plus, STEM for trades for the autism community aged 16+. We conduct workshops offering introductory lessons in various trades and formats for ages 5-18+. We have an 83.3% job placement success rate (vs. the national average of 10%). Our alums average $19.86 per hour, approximately 68% higher than other autism programs transitioning individuals into work.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon

To serve communities before, during and after disasters and crises.

Team Rubicon helps communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Team Rubicon offers no-cost services to individuals and communities at each phase of the disaster cycle. Helping thousands of people every year, TR operates in all fifty U.S. states and internationally where help is needed. TR services are specific to local community needs and guided by local officials and community input. Ultimately, TR serves others to improve the safety and health of individuals’ homes and community environments. Furthermore, in providing this service, TR’s veteran-led volunteer base can rediscover its purpose, identity, and community.



To fight poverty by helping people build regenerative farms, businesses, and markets that increase incomes.

TechnoServe works to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to the opportunities they deserve—to thrive, prosper, and build lasting wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities. Working in more than 30 countries worldwide, TechnoServe harnesses the power of the private sector to link hard-working men and women to information, capital, and markets. Our projects support smallholder farmers to increase their yields, profits, and climate resilience; entrepreneurs to build small businesses that create jobs and economic opportunity; and market systems to improve the availability of safe, nutritious, and affordable food.

The Giving Exchange

Animal Feed Production for Karambi Group

To produce animal feed using black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), resulting in a nutritious, affordable, and sustainable solution

The rural communities (>$85% of homesteads) supported by the Karambi Group of People with Disabilities in the Kasese District largely depend on animal-rearing projects to generate income. However, animal feed is costly in Uganda and Kenya, both to buy pre-made from the shops or to produce in-house because of drought and inflation. Karambi Group and The Giving Exchange have partnered to start an Animal Feed Production project using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). BSFL is high in nutrients, especially proteins. It is versatile and quick to reproduce. It can be consumed live or in powder form by poultry, livestock, and fish and has been shown to strengthen the immunity of animals. Larvae are mature and ready for consumption in just 8 to 12 days.

The Thurman Perry Foundation

Girl Code

To eliminate period poverty for incarcerated women and girls.

Through the Girl Code initiative (TM Pending), The Thurman Perry Foundation provides donations of high-quality organic, cotton, chlorine-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, and pesticide-free menstrual products monthly to the women housed inside of the Orleans Parish Justice Center (one of the largest urban pretrial correctional facilities in the United States), quarterly to the women housed in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, and semi-annually to the women housed inside the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. We provide enough products to support the entire facility's population throughout the year.

Warrior Canine Connection

Finding Healing Through a Mission to Train Service Dogs for Fellow Veterans

To improve the mental health outcomes of wounded Veterans and reduce symptoms of PTSD through therapeutic service dog training.

Science supports the use of dogs in addressing mental health issues, and positive interactions have been shown to produce powerful anti-stress effects (lowered blood pressure, heart rate and increased anti-stress neuro-hormones). While there are hundreds of service dog organizations, WCC is one of few that utilizes the actual training of those dogs as an intervention for PTSD. By engaging Veterans in a mission to train future service dogs for placement with fellow Veterans, Warriors themselves benefit from improved social and emotional skills that impact mental health. Because of its program design, each WCC dog impacts the healing of dozens of Veterans before being placed. WCC’s innovative approach is the foundation upon which DoD and VA Animal Assisted Therapy programs are built.

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